Market Research

If you’re in need of some true industry insight, there’s no better way to conduct it than through hap. Our interviewers are experts in extracting data and reporting it simply.

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Audience insights are everything, but most businesses don’t have the resources to conduct interviews themselves. That is until now…

Our expertise

As a member of the Market Research Society, we’re the first to recognise quality data when we see it. Why? Because we have dedicated candidates, experienced in executing mass interviews, balanced focus groups and comprehensive questionnaires. Representing your brand throughout and conducting themselves in the utmost professional manner, the data they extract will not only help support your arguments but also gain you a competitive edge.

The quality of hap interviewing teams, as well as their experience in the research industry, has been invaluable to Acumen Fieldwork. Ben and his team consistently provide us with excellent market research interviewers and make our job as fieldworkers a lot easier.

Lee Higgins, Senior Fieldwork Manager at Acumen Fieldwork

We appreciate that reliable market research is more than handing over a clipboard. Which is why our market research candidates are unobtrusive, and help you to evaluate everything – from national trends to local opinions. Our support even extends to product testing. So, no matter what data you’re trying to extract, we’ll provide brand ambassadors who are equipped to deliver.

Roles we can supply

  • CAPI Interviewing Staff
  • CATI Interviewers
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Focus Group Assistants
  • and more…
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Case Study

Nationwide Market Research CAPI Interviewing Staff

Exit surveys at over 500 stores, and covering over 1000 shifts for leading furniture retailer.

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Case Study

hap’s CATI interviewing staff screen over 800 potential focus group attendees

In need of customer insights, Ford instructed us to speak to their database. Over the course of the three-week campaign, we contacted 1,034 Ford owners, screened 806 and booked in over 50 focus group attendees.

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