hap’s CATI interviewing staff screen over 800 potential focus group attendees

In need of customer insights, Ford instructed us to speak to their database. Over the course of the three-week campaign, we contacted 1,034 Ford owners, screened 806 and booked in over 50 focus group attendees.

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If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to really understand your customers. What they want from a product or service, and the impact it has on their brand loyalty. Ford were aware of this. And as a result, they asked the team at hap for our expertise.

The roles

We selected call agents who were trained in MRS standards, product knowledge and screening questionnaires. These teams worked shifts and extended hours across a three-week period to ascertain relevant data. Our tech team also carried out work to ensure our VoIP system would mimic the client’s.

What we provided

Our sole job was to qualify customers for focus groups. We began by calling Ford customers from a datasheet provided by the client. This information included details on the Ford model they owned, helping us to categorise callers and meet a certain quota. Ford also provided specific data and questions so that only high scorers qualified for the focus groups.

We developed this into an online screening questionnaire, fitted with an auto-qualification feature to calculate the total score at the end of the quiz. The questionnaire took 3-7 minutes and participants were given a financial incentive. We even implemented a tracking dashboard so that the client could see how many times we attempted to reach a customer, which agent made the calls and when they were made.

The Results

We contacted 1,034 Ford customers, 806 of those were reached and screened with the questionnaire. This resulted in 53 attendees booked into focus groups with the client themselves.

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Screening Calls


Essential customer insights
Dynamic tech support
High intensity and flexible workers
Improved brand image