From Pint Pouring to Senior Manager: Stevie’s Incredible Journey at hap

We are happy to share that we have promoted Stevie Brelsford-Stewart to Senior Staffing Training Manager. Stevie is responsible for training all new staff members within the festival and events team. Her promotion is a testament to her outstanding performance, and she continues to excel in her role. Well done, Stevie.

Stevie has a rich hap history, as she has worked for hap for years! Read our blog post written by Stevie herself to dive into her hap history!

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My hap Journey…

When I interviewed for hap Solutions at The London Bridge Job Centre, I had no idea how much it would change my life. At that time, I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, having just dropped out of university and feeling uncertain about my future

My first shift was at Twickenham Stadium. I had little bar experience, but on my first day, I was taught how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, and I got stuck in! I continued to work at Twickenham regularly, getting to know the managers and enjoying every shift. At Twickenham, there was an incentive called star cards, where one staff member received a £20 Amazon voucher for their hard work in each bar/area. I was awarded this one week, and then the next shift, after helping a new manager, I received it again.

Shortly after this, I got an email from Corinne in the office asking me if I would be able to help out at sign-in one day. I was so nervous but extremely happy to have been chosen out of everyone. This led to many other opportunities. I did sign in at Twickenham, began helping with sign-ins at festivals in London and coach sign-in for festivals further afar.

My roles at hap continued to grow, and one day, I got a call from Ben Bowen saying they needed someone to work at Camp Bestival South as part of the Operations Team and would I be able to go. I said yes, of course! I stayed on a caravan on site, and when deciding shifts, I quickly agreed to the night shift! On the second night, there was a crazy storm, tents were flying away, and I worked that night making sure the staff were safe and had a dry place to sleep. I finished my shift in the morning, went to sleep and awoke to find that the last day of the festival had been cancelled! I returned home loving the fact that you could always expect the unexpected from a shift with hap! From then on, I worked as part of the Operations Team at many events and festivals, with Ally Pally becoming my second home.

I soon got asked to work at hap interview days. I travelled the country and even Ireland conducting interviews for new staff members. These were some of my favourite times; I loved that I was able to travel and work with some of my favourite people, and meet the new faces of the hap flexi team.

Once we went into lockdown, this travel was no longer an option, so I began conducting the interviews online from home in London, working alongside the office team remotely.

When I saw an email from Charlotte saying they were hiring internally for a staffing assistant position, I cautiously texted her, wondering if I could possibly apply. Luckily, she said yes, I had an interview and waited nervously for the decision. I remember very clearly the day she said yes and the excitement I had for a new challenge.

Moving across the country to the North was difficult at times, and I often felt homesick and questioned my decision. However, this feeling soon passed as I settled into life in Manchester and my new role.

After a few months, I  progressed to Staffing Manager, and now, I’m proud to share that I have been promoted to Senior Staffing Training Manager. I am proud that I will be able to share the passion I have for hap with new members of the Festival & Events team.

When I first joined hap, I thought it would be a short journey, something to keep me going both mentally and financially for a while. I never expected to be here, 10 years later, living in Manchester and working in the office alongside the infamous Kieran Porter and Ben Harris. I am proud of my progress with hap, and I can’t wait to see where my hap journey takes me next!

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