Nationwide Market Research CAPI Interviewing Staff

Exit surveys at over 500 stores, and covering over 1000 shifts for leading furniture retailer.

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Each quarter Bensons for Beds & Harvey’s Furniture store wish to survey customers as they left the store, irrelevant of whether they had purchased goods or not. Each wave consisted of approximately 100 stores, each of which was to be surveyed on two separate occasions.

The roles

Lone working exit survey interviewing staff, utilising employee owned tablets to record interview results. Surveys took approximately 10 minutes to complete with each customer.

What we provided

hap Market Reserach provided a bespoke management package; with dedicated account managers; the recruitment, selection & remote training of staff members covering all stores across the UK. We worked with an ‘open book’ approach with our client to provide transparent insight via use of shared tracking systems.

Staff members were selected based on their experience, reliability and location from the top 30,000 staff members of our highest rated staff. Online e-learning was provided, full briefing documents supplied, telephone briefings confirmed, and employees tracked via GPS tools to ensure they are at the correct location, at the correct time.

The Results

Exit surveys conducted at over 500+ stores and 1000+ shifts, tens of thousands of responses collected.

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