Why Choose hap As Your Staffing Partner In Hospitality And Events?

Running a hospitality operation is about so much more than just planning and logistics. It’s about crafting amazing experiences that become unforgettable memories. As a professional in this space, you’ll know this means spinning several plates – and if the past few years are anything to go by, keeping your team on its toes too. That’s where we can help.

Here at hap, we do things differently. We provide a flexible staffing solution to meet the ever-evolving needs of your business, so you’ll never be understaffed or have too many overheads. But that’s just one of many reasons to partner with us…

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Get the staff you need at the price you can afford

Did you know the process for hiring a single employee could set your business back up to £6,000? That’s before any training costs have been calculated – add these into the mix, and you could be looking at a recruitment budget of £7,000.

hap helps you avoid these costs entirely, offering a ‘temp-to-perm’ model to give you time to commit to a perfect fit based on skill set, work ethic and culture chemistry. What’s more, each and every team member we provide benefits from comprehensive training as our way of guaranteeing they’ll represent your business with care and enthusiasm.

Not only does this approach help you save on hiring and onboarding costs, but it also allows you to easily scale from project to project. For instance, larger events may call for an increased number of staff members over a shorter period of time. hap is here whenever you need, for as long as you need.

We care, we prepare, and we’re open

Of course, our support doesn’t start and end with the talent we provide. We know there’s no greater asset than peace of mind, so we also assign you a dedicated account manager who’ll handle everything from recruitment to payroll. You needn’t worry about onboarding, either – we always have an on-site trainer available to bolster our end-to-end staffing solution.

Before all that, we take the time to truly understand your unique needs and ensure we can add real value to your operation. We appreciate every business has its own blueprint, with specific processes that have been carefully developed over time. That’s why we work not just for you, but with you.

When it comes to the smooth sailing of any partnership, this communication and attention to detail is key. 

You’re in good company

Our steadfast commitment to these values has made us the first choice for leading names like Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Sodexo, not to mention a number of Premier League football clubs. We’re a recognised expert in staffing all kinds of venues and events, from hotel functions and race meetings to festivals and packed-out stadiums.

In a nutshell, hap is flexible staffing done right. You can count on us to slot seamlessly into your operation and resolve your staffing challenges – you’ll barely notice us, yet wonder how you ever managed without us.

If you’ve got an event or busy period coming up, whatever its size, location or duration, we can help it run smoothly and profitably. Get in touch.


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