Planning An Event? Here’s How We Make Them Run Smoothly!

Over the last five years, we’ve supplied staff to hundreds of events and festivals across the whole of the UK. We’re particularly proud of the hospitality venues we work with in London, but it wouldn’t have been possible without our staffing manager Millie Parlett and her assistant Olivia Collinson. Here’s how they ensure a successful event…

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How we’re different

We only hire the best people 

We want to ensure your events run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we only hire the best people for the job. In fact, it’s what we pride ourselves in! How do we make sure only the most suitable candidates end up on site? Simple! By getting to know them on an individual basis, and providing free training courses so they can really hone their skills. 

“I look after the accreditations for London venues, organising staff timesheets and confirming their hours. This allows me to get to know the staff on a personal level and recognise reliable team members,” said Olivia Collinson. 

We provide free training 

hap is more than a flexible work solution. We invest in our people and provide them with the appropriate resources they need to succeed – all free of charge. Once a candidate passes an interview with us, they’ll gain access to our free training programme to guarantee positive outcomes. This can be completed in their own time and at their own pace. 

We keep you updated 

With us, you won’t be surprised by how many people turn up to a shift. We’ll give you regular updates on staffing numbers throughout the week so that you always have the right number of people in place to deliver a successful service. Our staffing team will also ensure they’re fully prepared for their role with the appropriate uniform and expectations.

We value your feedback 

Once a shift is complete, you can give us feedback on who’s worked particularly well so that you can hire them again if the need arises. This means you only take on the most skilled people for the job, ensuring everything goes exactly as planned without any unexpected surprises. If someone isn’t right for your organisation, let us know and we’ll handle it!

“There are clear lines of communication with the clients and we always get feedback about our staff. They get to know the team on a personal level and give positive comments for us to pass on,” said Millie Parlett. 

Work with hap on your next event! 

As you can see, we’re easy to work with, that’s why clients choose us again and again. So, if you’re searching for skilled workers for your events, look no further. 

We can provide everything from bar staff and customer service representatives to operations managers and supervisors. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Contact us today and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your unique requirements.

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