What It Means To Work With hap

Not everyone understands what we mean when we say we’re a flexible workforce solution, so we thought we’d spell it out. 

At hap, we have a database of candidates, trained across industries and capable of meeting your particular business needs. However, these individuals aren’t your regular applicants. They’re proven, by us, to deliver an exceptional service. And in return, they receive unique opportunities and training in the field of their choosing. 

The result? We’re rewriting the standards in flexible workforce solutions. Below, we share with you how. It’s all to do with our three company values…

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We care

Our service places peace of mind front and centre. We want both clients and candidates to know how we work and what their responsibilities are ahead of time. 

For clients, this is handled by a dedicated account manager, who not only helps instruct our team but also handles payroll. For candidates, this involves us taking the time to learn who you are and recommend roles suited to your skill set. From there, we present you with opportunities to build upon your current strengths and pick up any additional abilities as well.

This means that only the most relevant, qualified candidates are matched to our clients’ roles – no matter how complex or challenging they may be. With this added security, they can focus better on serving their customers and growing their business.

We prepare

Like the old adage says, failure to prepare means preparing to fail. That’s why our teams are trained internally prior to arriving on-site, and they’re only recommended opportunities that they will excel at.

When it comes to clients, we have a brief discovery session before any placement to truly understand what the role(s) entails. Not only are we conscious of the required skill set, but also of your company culture.

This way, our team can act as cohesively as possible with any employees you have, minimising miscommunication and reducing the amount of time you spend briefing our talent once they arrive.

We are open

Finally, we’re easy to talk to. Some clients have complex processes, so we understand the value of speaking freely and being transparent about how we work. Likewise, knowing your expectations of us, as well as your areas of expertise and place in the market, is key to us working more efficiently together.

The same is true for candidates, who are always welcome to speak to a member of the management team should they need support. 

Additionally, in the event that one of our candidates is unwell or unable to make their hours, we can provide a suitable alternative quickly and seamlessly thanks to our UK-wide coverage. This has allowed numerous businesses to navigate staff shortages and fluctuating demand, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Work with us

Our goal is to make staffing easier for both employers and those seeking employment. So, whether you’re looking to fill a role or would like to help our clients deliver an exceptional customer experience, speak to a member of the team today. We’d be more than happy to explain how we can help.

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