Isolating Staff? Stay At Full Capacity With hap

Staff make the cogs turn on your business, but when people power dwindles, things can go south pretty quickly. This is something today’s organisations are all too familiar with, as COVID-19 continues to sweep through workforces, causing many to self-isolate.

If you’re trying to keep the company wheels turning while dealing with unpredictable numbers of staff shortages, hap has the solution for you.

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The challenges of isolation

Being caught in a catch-22 situation can leave you feeling helpless, yet this is the reality for many business owners today. Employers need all hands on deck to recover lost income from lockdown periods, yet staffing problems prevent you from working to full capacity.

While industries can experience staff shortages for different reasons, few people manage to avoid COVID-19 isolation. Sure, you might be able to band together and work with the team members you’ve got, but this could affect your level of service and employee wellbeing. In the worst-case scenario, you may even have to close your doors.

Fortunately, hap can help you wave goodbye to these staffing issues, even in the most critical of COVID-related shortages.

How we can support you

When we say our staffing solutions are flexible and scalable, we mean it. Whether your team members are self-isolating for the required period of time, or they’re absent for longer, our huge roster of qualified individuals means we can meet your needs instantly. 

Take hospitality roles, for example. We have over 100,000 individuals ready and waiting to hit the ground running. Many will have already taken our internal training course, but if needed, we can provide an on-site trainer to help onboard and embed newcomers into your environment.

Communication is key. That’s why we’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process, so you’ll always know when to expect reinforcements. And when the time comes to welcome back isolating staff, just say the word. Our people can adapt to your specific staffing demands.

hap’s flexible staffing solution is the answer to all your isolation worries, and it ties into our core values

  • We care about your business, and will assign you a dedicated account manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. 
  • We prepare by ensuring the staff you receive are ready to excel in their required roles. 
  • We’re open, keeping you in the loop every step of the way, and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Reach out to hap

Don’t risk compromising your level of service due to COVID-19 isolation. With local staff available right across the UK, we can keep your business operating, wherever you are. We’ll take our cue from you, providing the exact number of personnel you require, as soon as you require it.

Need a bit of support through difficult times? Contact us today to discuss how hap can help.

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