Is Hospitality Headed For A Summer Of Staff Shortages?

After a yo-yo year of opening and closing, April 2021 marked the grand hospitality reboot that we were all waiting for. This time, it looked as though the doors would stay open – and so far so good. A cause for celebration among venue owners, right? Well, not entirely.

As drinkers and diners flock to their favourite haunts, bar workers, waiting staff and all kinds of hospitality employees fight an uphill battle against crippling staff shortages. And with an increasingly busy summer period ahead, industry leaders are left wondering what they have to do to stay on top of it all.

Here, we highlight the effects that this shortage is having on both staff and business owners, along with a flexible staffing solution to manage your workforce woes.

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Fewer staff, more customers

With restrictions easing, better(ish) weather incoming and the Euros, the beginning of summer brought a hat-trick of good news for hospitality. Sadly, the excitement was marred by a severe lack of staff to adequately deal with this influx of custom. The result is a strained workforce, exhausted team members, and ultimately a dip in the quality of service.

Some reports even confirm that employees are having to skip breaks in order to keep things moving on the floor. Not only does this affect their mental state, but it raises ethical questions too. It’s a nightmarish situation for any business to encounter. 

On top of this, the resources of venues are being severely stretched during – let’s not forget – an already challenging period of lockdown recovery. So, how does hospitality get back to normal service?

hap’s solution for the shortage

Higher wages, greater job value and better employee benefits are being called for in an attempt to attract more staff. But these things don’t happen overnight – especially at times when pockets are already tight. You need an effective, immediate solution that offers flexible additions to your workforce and takes the weight off your overworked shoulders. 

That’s where hap comes in. Our extensive database consists of over 100,000 talented hospitality workers, ranging from bar and waiting staff to kitchen porters. We also provide fully trained managers and supervisors with experience in payroll services and other behind-the-scenes necessities to keep your venue ticking over nicely. 

Sourcing staff the hap way means new team members can hit the ground running, taking the load off your other staff from the moment they clock on. Not only will this improve your quality of service, but it will give you the breathing space to stop treading water and start focusing on building the future of your business.

Choose us for your staffing needs

We place candidates on a daily basis, covering every region of the UK. So, wherever you are, there’s a good chance we have the local skills you need to solve your shortage. Best of all, our solution is completely scalable – meaning no periods of understaffing or overstaffing, but just the right amount of individuals to match demand.

Want to know more about our flexible staffing solution? Get in touch today. We’re ready and waiting to help get your venue back up to its best.

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