Are You Prepared For Festival Season? Let hap Bring Your Event to Life 

If you work in festivals and events, you’ll know that a lot goes into ensuring the day runs smoothly. From securing a venue, to sourcing bookings and vendors, outlining your schedule, and all the things in-between – it’s no small feat.

Luckily, no one understands this more than hap – flexible workforce specialists and your end-to-end festival staffing solution. Our goal is to lift the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to take your event to the next level. Let’s explain how it’s done… 

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Everything accounted for

Our service is truly intuitive. We have a dedicated team that handles everything from finding the best people for the job, to managing numbers in the lead-up to the big day, and even overbooking to ensure you’re prepared for whatever’s thrown your way.

And, since we don’t do things by halves, we also handle training, onboarding, management, payroll, and the general streamlining of your operations. This gives you the freedom to focus on making your event one to remember.

When it’s time to get the ball rolling, you can count on us to hit the ground running. Having already undergone extensive training on the nature of their roles and what’s required of them, our highly skilled personnel will balance their responsibilities with ease and efficiency, while you make the magic happen.

Working in harmony

Fail to prepare… you know the rest. That’s the great thing about teaming up with an expert hospitality staffing partner like hap – we have the ability to respond to the needs of every moment.

As such, all our staffing solutions are backed by a dedicated on-site structure, so everyone knows where they need to be, and when. It’s this unique synergy that’s made us the first choice for festival organisers year upon year!

Plus, a careful division of responsibilities means each and every role is accounted for. We can organise a team of bar staff led by managers and supervisors, plus wristbanding staff, and even customer service representatives. You name it, we’ve thought of it. 

Music to your ears?

At hap, we’re long-time staffers of some of the UK’s most popular music festivals, so we understand the pressures of organising a summer calendar full of show-stopping events. Fortunately, our flexible workforce solutions are unrivalled, and guaranteed to deliver unforgettable customer experiences.

All our credentials are available in our festivals and events page, where you can get a real feel for how we operate – backed by glowing testimonials from clients we’ve partnered with over the years.

Think hap could be the gamechanger for your next festival? Let’s talk today.

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