The Power of Collaboration: How the hap Solutions Group Team Conquered the Tough Mudder Challenge Together

Recently 21 members of the team completed the Tough Mudder Challenge to raise money for  Manchester Mind, a charity that is local to our Head Office. They are committed to improving the lives of people with mental health needs. We are fundraising for Manchester Mind throughout 2023. Our office team chose Manchester Mind as our charity of the year for multiple reasons, one being the charity’s values of openness, belonging, strength, and collaboration. Their values resonated with everyone at hap as they are similar to our own values. We Care, We Prepare, and We are Open. To read more about why we chose Manchester Mind as our charity of the year, click here:

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We decided to sign up for the challenge at the start of the year giving everyone 6 months to prepare physically and mentally. Multiple people started the couch to 5k and joined the gym to help prepare. The decision to pick the Tough Mudder Challenge as our fundraising event was driven by its emphasis on teamwork and challenging nature. 

During the challenge, there were numerous demanding obstacles. From being plunged into icy cold waters to braving electrocution. The team faced each obstacle head-on, relying on our strength and determination. One particularly memorable moment involved our attempt to create a human pyramid, a feat that proved more challenging than anticipated as it hilariously collapsed before we could perfect it.

The team supported each other throughout the day with constant motivation and encouragement. Each person showed determination and resilience. This is something that the team shows in the office as well as out of the office.

Ben Bowen, Associate Director – ‘Tough Mudder, what a day! I’m so impressed with the whole team who took part. This is not a challenge you can complete alone; it requires teamwork, determination and, of course, lots of physical effort. It was a brilliant day and so great to galvanise the team together over a fun and challenging day, whilst raising a fantastic amount of money for our chosen charity. Bring on 2024!’

We are incredibly proud to share that collectively, we raised over £3500 for Manchester Mind. Our contribution will help contribute to their vital work, improving the lives of those who are facing mental health challenges. We would like to thank everyone who supported us on this journey, whether this was through donating to our fundraiser, words of encouragement, or joining us on the day! Our experience of the Tough Mudder Challenge has taught us that together, we can overcome any obstacle. 

To learn more about Manchester Mind, please click here.

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