Our 2023 Charity of the year!

To choose our charity of the year, we had a vote in our hap HQ. Manchester Mind was the most popular charity to support by far! The charities’ values of Openness, Belonging, Strength, and Collaboration resonated with everyone at hap as they are similar to our own values. We Care, We Prepare, and We are Open. This year we are officially partnering with the charity, which means we will be fundraising regularly, sharing their key messages and content from their social media accounts and volunteering.

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About Manchester Mind:

Manchester Mind has been helping young people and adults in Manchester for over 30 years. They believe that everyone deserves to be supported in their mental health. Manchester Mind promotes the health and well-being of people affected by mental distress and takes a positive approach to mental health, challenging stereotypes and discrimination.

Our office staff and onsite staff will be able to relate to the topics Manchester Mind discusses. This is why it is a brilliant charity for hap to support in 2023!

Stories from our hap HQ team:

Jamie Healer & Adam Thompson  –  The past year has been a difficult one for us both, having lost our best friend Billy to his battle with mental health. Unfortunately, Billy never received help from a charity like Mind, highlighting the impact mental health can have on people with no intervention. We recognise the amazing work the charity does to help aid individuals struggling with mental health and those close to them. Our aim is to do as much as we can to raise money and awareness for this charity, hoping to help people in similar situations as our friend.

Charlotte Whitton Mind means a lot to me as it was the chosen Charity for my best friend Lee, that passed away earlier this year. It means so much to me to donate and raise money in his honour. I can only hope to help others the way that I wish Lee had received. Discussing mental health and how we can support people is so important, and there is so much that we can do. I’m really excited for hap to come together and make a difference for a charity that means so much to all of us.

Grace Snowden –  Mind, alongside similar mental health charities, has supported my family for 10+ years with advice and guidance for my little sister Rose. Without charities like Mind, my family would not have the understanding we do about the different mental health problems she faces. Charities like Mind have given my family the understanding we need to ensure Rose is as comfortable and as happy as she can be.

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