Post-Lockdown Cleaning: Is Your Workforce Up To The Task?

The long-awaited easing of lockdown restrictions spells the return to work for millions – particularly in the hospitality and events industries. Of course, this means handling the mass return of customers in the safest conditions possible. Ensuring your venue is clean and COVID-safe is a crucial responsibility – securing the protection of your staff, the public, and your business.

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In post-lockdown environments, you need systematic processes to ensure an appropriate level of cleanliness as well as a workforce you can rely on. Let’s explore the varying demands of cleaning services and how hap offers the workforce solution to meet them.   

COVID cleaning

Don’t let the numbers fool you – COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared. And while mitigating strides have been taken to limit the effects of the virus, a huge health risk remains. Without the assured safety of your staff and customers, your business could suffer the consequences.

You can achieve a COVID-safe site with the latest portable sanitisation and decontamination technology, harnessed by well-trained specialists. Electrostatic fogging efficiently covers all areas of your space with the utmost sanitisation quality. The speed and effectiveness of such processes not only supports the demands of maintaining a safe environment – it benefits the busy schedule of a functioning venue too. 

Routine cleaning

Safety aside, the standard of cleaning personnel on your premises should never be overlooked. While the skills of a cleaner may be relatively universal, the challenges of your business are unique. Your on-site cleaners should be trustworthy, presentable and representative of your brand. 

After all, your core staff and customers are likely to be in the same vicinities as your cleaners. So you need to ensure that new members of the team (including temps) have a strong sense of brand awareness and have instilled your values. Whether it’s understanding technology for remote checks or auditing spaces for quality assurance with pre-approval photos, hap will ensure our staff are equipped for the job

We appreciate that, in order to give the best service, it all comes down to knowing the client and determining what requirements are most important to you. That’s why we ensure our candidates are up to speed by creating an interactive online exam for incoming staff to complete before joining your ranks. 

Specialist cleaning

Some tasks, however, go beyond the routine requirements – and when it comes to specialist cleaning roles, you simply can’t compromise. We understand how vital expert support is when working in exceptional environments. So, we take the appropriate measures to ensure staff are fit for purpose and ready to deliver a high-quality service.

hap has a proven track record in supporting specialist cleaning companies, helping them to uphold their excellent reputation and retain their long-standing clients. Versatility, professionalism and technical expertise are the essentials of a specialist cleaner – and they’re characteristics that we never negotiate on. 

The workforce solution for you  

The need for high-quality cleaning services has never been more critical. hap guarantees to offer qualified, fully trained, exceptional operatives who go above and beyond to meet the demands of your business. Taking your brand into account, our flexible workforce solutions offer specialist sanitisation, routine cleaning, and everything in between.

Keen to bolster your cleaning services to meet post-lockdown standards? Get in touch today to see how we can help secure the safety of your customers and staff.

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