Proclean 1987 Ltd

As its name suggests, Proclean 1987 has been supplying its commercial cleaning services for over 30 years. In order to strengthen their offering and meet new challenges head on, they needed an additional 150 members of staff to work across the North West.

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Proclean has a reputation for excellence. And to maintain that reputation on a broader scale, our candidates needed to be flawless. For this reason, not only did our accounts team oversee all aspects of payroll and staff management, we also supplied our workforce with the tools they needed to get the job done.

The roles

As Proclean has a variety of clients, ranging from golf clubs and sports centres to car showrooms and restaurants, we supplied our most versatile cleaners. In addition, as some work was undertaken during the coronavirus pandemic, we allowed for extra support to help cleanse workplaces hit by COVID-19 outbreaks.

What we provided

Our team provided 150 staff, complete with cleaning equipment, to over 70 UK venues. Working five days a week, our candidates were both professional and compliant with the latest safety legislation. 

Individuals also received specialist training that was tailored to the particular venue. We even supplied out-of-hours teams to help Proclean support businesses hit by unforeseen circumstances.

The Results

With our remote workforce to hand, Proclean were able to continue servicing their regular clients as well as onboard new businesses by adding to their existing teams.

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Organised 150 members of staff over 70 sites
Bolstered the client’s brand image
Improved the client’s level of service
Protected businesses from closure