Looking For Chefs And Kitchen Staff? hap’s Got You Covered

Here at hap, we’re always pushing the boundaries to provide an expert service that takes care of our clients’ staffing needs. We already have a great reputation for delivering high-quality, flexible bar and hospitality personnel – but we simply couldn’t ignore the growing demand for chef and kitchen workers.

So when our clients speak, we listen. Now, we’ve expanded our services to supply a variety of venues and events with reliable, hardworking culinary staff. Let’s lift the lid on this exciting new chapter…

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Why chefs and kitchen staff?

Never ones to settle, the organ grinders at hap love exploring new areas whenever possible. While kitchens aren’t necessarily unfamiliar territory for us (porters are already part of our hospitality offering), we’ve always been asked for chefs and other related roles to fill the gaps in our clients’ venues

A kitchen has to run like clockwork, and we’ve seen first hand the importance of chefs and culinary staff at the events we currently support. So, with a good knowledge of client requirements already under our belts, and a 250,000-strong database of staff ready to screen for kitchen talent, it was only a matter of time before we extended our services.

What we can offer

Our existing bar staff and kitchen porters already operate in stadiums, arenas, outdoor events and hotels, as well as with other caterers like restaurants. But the door is always open for more. We believe that chefs and kitchen personnel can really take our service (and your event) to the next level, and we can’t wait to hit the ground running!

Now, let’s look at the kinds of roles we’ll be able to provide for you. As well as porters, our offering will extend right across the cheffing spectrum. From head and sous positions, to pastry, commis, chef de partie and much more. Whatever the job, you can rely on our talent pool for capable staff who are eager to meet your needs – our in-depth interview and briefing process makes sure of it.

Choose hap for your next event

Is your venue crying out for flexible, hardworking staff to drop in and save the day? Sometimes the hassle of hiring reliable, permanent workers can be too much for your short-term needs. So why not start a long-term relationship with a staffing partner who’s always on hand to keep your kitchens firing?

Head to our Chef & Kitchen Staff page to learn how hap can support you, and find out a bit more about the great client service we’re known for. We’ll be rolling out region by region to begin with, so get in touch with our team today to see when we’ll be supplying to your area.

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