Hospitality business Cracked Pepper needed almost 24-hour catering support for VIP guests

We provided over 40 experts to serve breakfast in the morning, deliver dinners in the evening and pour drinks until the early hours.

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Cracked Pepper was offering a comprehensive morning, noon and night service to VIP guests. But in order to ensure each service was flawless, they asked for our support and guidance.

The roles

For the morning offering, we supplied baristas, chefs and KPs to deliver an unforgettable breakfast. The same roles would then be relied on for the lunch offer. These would then be supported by bar staff who would serve drinks during dinnertime and for those celebrating later on in the evening.

What we provided

In order for Cracked Pepper to uphold their VIP experience, their team needed to appear seamless. We deployed a number of agile teams to supplement their staff, including managers to oversee the harmony of everyone working together. As the event was held on a temporary site, teams had to be familiar with changing deadlines and circumstantial problem-solving.

Guests had paid a substantial amount of money for the experience, hence the emphasis of upholding the standards Cracked Pepper created. This meant full assimilation as well as complete professionalism at all times.

The Results

The event was a huge success, with VIP visitors recognising the genuine value of the heightened hospitality they had paid for.

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Covers Served


Offered genuine VIP experience
Provided 24-hour service
Adapted to the client’s team
Upheld professionalism while working on temporary site