hap’s Annual Ops Training Day: Now We’re Festival Season Ready!

Excitement is building amongst the hap team as we buckle up to staff our biggest ever festival season. But before we get in the fields, it’s important for us to get together for a pre-match team talk – aka our annual on-site ops training day! 

Our fantastic ops team is the brains behind the smooth running of every festival and event that we provide staff for. So, to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet before the summer, a get together (and a cheeky night out) was in order…

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Ops in a nutshell

Ever wondered how our event staff always know what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, and who to talk to? It doesn’t happen by magic. It’s all down to our dedicated on-site ops team, who pull the strings to make sure everything runs without a hitch. 

Whether it’s logistics, travel and general welfare of staff members, or shift allocation and campsite organising, this lot have got it covered. What’s more, they’re responsible for upholding hap’s high event-running standards for all our clients. 

What the day involved

Our ops training day is a great chance for our on-site team to catch up with our HQ team, who they’ll be liaising with over the summer. And after pandemic restrictions got in the way last year, we couldn’t wait to get the gang back together on the 22nd April. This year, we welcomed over 20 ops team members to the office – from seasoned pros through to brand new members. 

Thanks to Staffing Manager Grace Snowden, Operations Director Kieran Porter and Associate Director Ben Bowen, the ops team know what to expect for the coming season, and how to make it one to remember. This included:

  • How office and on-site procedures connect
  • Tech rundowns, including of the iPads used for staff sign-in
  • How post-event staff list handovers work, with a visit from the payroll team

And so much more. But we’ll spare you the finer details because that’s for us to take care of – while you focus on running the rest of your fest!

No ‘I’ in team

Knowledge sharing is a big part of the day, too, where our senior team members – who know on-site structure like the back of their hand – can pass down wisdom and fill in the blanks for any newcomers. But getting our entire team together is just as important. 

The roaming nature of festival and event work means some of our team members may have only ever connected over email. And what better way to welcome new members and familiarise teams than with a day like this, where they can work and socialise together with some food, drinks and shenanigans afterwards! 

Industry-leading event staffing

hap not only prides itself on the quality of staff we provide, but on the quality of our all-round service to festival and event organisers. Our ops team takes care of all things staff-related from the moment they arrive to the second they leave your site. And they’re ready and waiting to take the summer season by storm.

If you’re interested in hearing how we can meet your unique staffing needs, contact us today and let’s hear about your event!

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