Supplying Highly Skilled Hotel Staff To Remote Locations

The Devonshire Hotels group consists of a mixture of idyllic hotels situated across Yorkshire and the Peak District, with a few sites in each area including on and around Chatsworth estate. And although they differ in size and style, they all have a big staffing challenge in common: they’re in remote locations.

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Four of Devonshire Hotels’ sites sit on our roster. And with a demand for skilled staff at each, delivering the right quality and volume of workers to these countryside hideaways required a different approach to that of a major city.

The roles

The majority of staff we deliver for Devonshire Hotels are front of house, ranging from waiting to bar and housekeeping roles. This includes food and beverage, room service, and conference and event staff. But these aren’t any old run-of-the-mill assignments. These are key roles, and our staff need to be primed and ready to meet the high standards expected.

What we provided

Reputation and customer experience is everything to our client, and we worked hard to develop a relationship with them and nurture a talent pool of reliable staff that guaranteed three key things. Firstly, a steady stream of personnel able to travel to each location as and when needed. Secondly, some staff that could live on-site for months at a time, impressing in dedicated roles. And finally, the right skill sets and capabilities to meet their demands exactly and do their grandeur justice.

The Results

hap has a great relationship with Devonshire Hotels and is continually trusted to get them the reliable staff they need, when they need them – an invaluable asset when you’re located off the beaten track during a hospitality talent shortage!

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Staff deployed to remote locations
Various skill sets delivered to meet high standards
Range of front of house roles provided
Client assisted through hospitality talent shortage