Flexing Our Full Service Offering For A Top Cheshire Hotel

The Mere Resort in Cheshire may only be a single site but it packs a serious punch. Sure, it’s a top-tier hotel, but with an 18-hole golf course, extended spa and fitness facilities, and three quality restaurants and bars under its wing, the site requires a lot of dedicated staff in order to keep firing on all cylinders.

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Their biggest challenge? Hitting the numbers needed to keep performing on peak days. But we’re not just talking about large groups of hotel guests. The Mere is a hotspot for corporate events, weddings, banquets and all kinds of functions too. But it’s also in a countryside setting that’s fairly isolated from public transport, which is a staffing challenge of its own. 

Needless to say, expectations are high – and hap is on hand to ensure they’re met to the fullest. 

The roles

To meet The Mere’s demands, we flex our full hotel service offering. We cover a spectrum of roles, including:

  • Front of house – Bar and waiting staff, including supervisors, for conference and banqueting as well as their lounge and golf members suite
  • Back of house – All levels of chefs and kitchen staff, from kitchen porters through to head chefs, as well as hotel housekeeping, general cleaners, spa cleaners, night porters and overnight set-up staff
  • Function staff Dedicated to either conference and events or food and beverage teams 
  • For the award-winning Browns Restaurant – staff of a higher calibre, including breakfast and evening waiting staff, dinner service hosts, and bar staff 

What we provided

hap supports The Mere on both a continual recruitment and scale-up basis. From breakfast shifts to evening staff, we cover all three restaurants when needed – with an entirely tailored service to fit each unique role within the venue. Such is our flexibility that we can go from providing a handful of shifts a day to multiple permutations, ramping up our provision when called upon.

The Results

It’s no secret that quality, permanent hotel staff are hard to come by at the moment. And when you have a resort which ebbs and flows with demand as drastically as The Mere, this can cause a real headache on the hiring front. 

With hap’s help, The Mere has readily available access to the people power they need to hit their peaks and perform to the high standards that their hotel demands – keeping their business profitable and their reputation strong.

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Flexible volumes deployed on demand
Skilled staff provided, tailored to need
Enabled client to hit their peaks
Full service offering of hotel staff