Becoming A Preferred Supplier For One Of The Largest Hospitality Companies In Europe

As a world-leading hotel group, it’s no surprise that Accor has over 230 sites in the UK and Ireland as well as 54 subsidiaries – including Ibis, Novotel and Mercure. But just like every other multinational hospitality company, they’ve been faced with post-pandemic staff shortages, sometimes leading them to take unwanted action such as limiting restaurant hours. This is where hap came in. 

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We not only had to show Accor that we’re big enough for the task, but that we’re reliable, capable and trusted to meet their needs across all their UK hotels with a full service offering. After six months of preparation, tender processing and communication, hap is now a nominated supplier for Accor and sits proudly on their preferred supplier list.

The roles

For such a diverse array of nationwide sites, Accor needs a supply of multiskilled staff that they can draw from on a continuous basis. That means consistent access to various front of house, back of house and housekeeping staff to meet both generic and specific demands, such as holiday cover for chefs or conference and event team members.

What we provided

We’re always ready to supply reliable temporary staff wherever and whenever Accor needs us – from concierge roles and waiters to head chefs, kitchen porters and everything in between. The quality of staff we deliver is high, their skill sets are broad, and they can slot in to meet on-site demands, whether it’s for a multi-site sub brand or a smaller boutique. 

And we know that we can provide such a flexible stream of steady staff because our hotel team makes sure of it. Having a dedicated department means we can commit professionals to focus solely on staff vetting, additional training, operations, and everything else that comes with ensuring the staff we supply perform to the highest standards.

The Results

hap offers a quick solution for Accor with an experienced pool of staff that’s ready to go when required. And, in many cases, we work on a 24- to 48-hour response period to get them the people they need promptly. 

This empowers Accor to hit their peaks and keep offering a stellar customer service, even amid a talent shortage. By using us as a reliable stop gap, they can focus on hiring the right permanent staff without having to reduce their opening hours. We look forward to continuing to provide this support going forward!

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Nominated supplier on Accor’s PSL
Staff supplied across multiple sites and subsidiaries
Vacancies filled in 24-48 hours
Eased challenge of perm staff shortages