A covid test centre workforce of hundreds…

Our client required competent and committed testers to help the NHS combat the threat of coronavirus. We supported them 12 hours a day and 7 days a week by deploying over 400 candidates across more than 20 sites.

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To track and trace the nation’s capital city, you need nothing short of an army. At hap, we didn’t just have the numbers – we also had the skill set necessary to set up sites and test members of the public across North and East London.

The roles

When it comes to testing sites, you need assistants, cleaners, supervisors and site managers. Teams operated to strict Covid-secure bubbles, and staff utilise mobile technology to check into their shifts – ensuring our account management team knows who is on-site & when.

What we provided

We initially helped set up test sites, with some being turned around in less than 48 hours. From there, we trained our candidates through the client’s online training platform, before further on-site training. Thus ensuring all roles were carried out in a safe and professional manner. Our staff were then deployed with two teams working per site on a ‘4 on, 4 off’ rotation.

Working within their bubbles, we monitored and directed their efforts through our dedicated account management team, who were available 7 days a week. This meant that we were able to redirect resources and offer an uninterrupted service if sickness impacted staff numbers.

The Results

With over 400 staff working across more than 20 sites, we were able to process countless tests while keeping all candidates safe from infection.

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Test centres staffed within 48 hours
Processed test results efficiently and effectively
Deployed hundreds of staff members
Worked seamlessly with client teams