Winning Workforce: Get Ready for the Football Season with hap Solutions Group

The highly anticipated football season is here. The team at hap Solutions Group couldn’t be more excited to provide staff once again to stadiums up and down the UK.

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Last season we played an instrumental role in enhancing the operations of stadiums across the UK. Week after week, we provided reliable and regular workers to 20+ stadiums. Each stadium came with its own unique requirements and challenges. This is where our expertise shines; we have a dedicated team for each stadium ensuring our staff always precisely align with the stadium’s specific needs.

‘I am so excited that football season is BACK! I currently work as the Staffing Manager for Scottish Stadiums, and sending the staff to these venues is always exciting for us. They love the chance to work at a range of stadiums, and we love building relationships with our clients as the season progresses. As a football fan myself getting to work with these stadiums makes my job that much more exciting!’ – Erin McLeod, Staffing Manager

Our talent pool is bursting with enthusiastic and experienced individuals familiar with meeting deadlines, providing elite service and representing your brand at all times. The diverse range of roles we can supply means we can cover every aspect of your stadium’s operations.

Roles we can supply: 

Bar Staff

Retail Staff 

Waiting Staff 

Security & Stewards

Managers & Supervisors

Customer Service Representatives

Catering Staff 


And more…

If you are curious about the roles we can supply or would like to learn more about how hap Solutions Group can seamlessly integrate into your stadium’s operations, then please contact

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