Struggling With Staff Shortages? Use A Flexible Workforce Instead

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Right now, staff shortages are bringing industries across the country to a halt. The lack of HGV drivers is leaving shelves unstocked, hospitality venues can’t find the workers they desperately need, and the drought in agricultural talent is hitting supply chains hard.

But there is a way forward. If you don’t want to hire expensive full-time employees because you aren’t sure you’ll be able to keep them, turn to hap. We’ve got a roster of experienced talent across multiple sectors and can provide flexible workforce solutions to suit you. Let’s explain how it works.

Staff according to your needs

You can’t always know when your business is going to be busy. After a year of lockdowns and reopenings, consumers don’t behave the way they used to, and it’s impossible to plan ahead. This makes it difficult to hire, and even more difficult to train your employees to be able to handle surges in activity.

Collaborating with a flexible workforce means you only need to have staff in when there’s work available. This way, if you’re busy on the weekends but quiet during the week, you won’t suffer high overheads. 

And, should you notice that footfall is starting to pick up, or your warehouse has a big delivery on the way, just let us know. We can scale up our support so you’ve always got the right people behind you.

Don’t worry about onboarding

The workers we provide already have the skills and experience relevant to your sector. From call centre staff to cocktail experts, we make sure that from the moment they arrive at your organisation, they’re just as qualified as your in-house team. So, if you’re suddenly inundated with customers, you don’t have to worry about getting your workforce up to speed.

We even provide senior team members to help orchestrate our talent and ensure they work seamlessly with your own staff. This means you’ll have a point of contact for any concerns or questions you may have.

Leave payroll to us

Face it, you didn’t become a business owner to draft documentation and get to grips with payroll. That’s why, as well as looking after the management of our team members, we also take care of the admin side of things.

At hap, we’ll handle our workforce’s pay, so you can focus all your attention on your business’ performance. After all, the more time you have to plan, the better prepared you’ll be for busy periods. You can consider how to protect yourself against any future dry spells, or even look at other routes to market.

So, why wait?

Don’t let staff shortages get in the way of your success. hap acts as an extension of your business so you’re able to respond to the demands of your customers at any point. Safeguard the future of your organisation by reaching out to a member of the team today.

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