Celebrate National Payroll Week By Outsourcing To hap

Payroll is so important to the UK economy – to the tune of £4.46 billion, in fact! – that it even has its own national week. Running during the first full week in September, it aims to celebrate the profession and the strategic decision-making that goes on behind the scenes. 

But this business function is too important to just dedicate a week to. And the good news is that there are plenty of people to help you out with yours. Read on to see why payroll is so crucial, and how the hap team streamlines it…

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Payroll is key for staff morale

When people dream up their business plan, payroll is rarely at the forefront. But in reality, it’s vital to your organisation’s cash flow – as well as your risk profile. It’s the backbone of your business in the sense that it ensures all your employees get paid accurately and on time, keeping everyone happy and boosting productivity.

Did you know that just a single payroll error can cause your staff to consider seeking new employment? That’s why keeping up with payroll requirements is key to maintaining good morale among your employees. 

It takes time, effort and skill

Of course, it’s only right that the backbone of your company requires a lot of time and effort. First of all, you need to ensure that you have an up-to-date record of each employee’s personal information. And this isn’t just their bank details – you’ll also need their nationality and right to work status, date of birth, the date they joined the company, their national insurance number… It’s a lot to chase and update. And remember, this all needs to remain confidential for GDPR reasons.

Then there’s the task of calculating everyone’s take-home earnings – all the while ensuring you stay compliant with the latest payroll regulations, at both a local and national level. Essentially, it takes valuable time out of your day-to-day that could be channelled elsewhere in your business.

hap handles everything in-house

This is where hap comes in. When we say we provide your complete staffing solution, we’re not just referring to our experienced teams across a range of sectors – we’re also talking about your back office. 

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and stressful calculations, and hello to maximum productivity and efficiency.

Get more than just flexible staff

When you hand the reins of your payroll function over to our capable team, you’ll also gain a team of professionals that works like a well-oiled machine.

Want to learn more? Reach out to the hap team today.

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