Jamie’s Journey From Staff Support Agent to Head of Staff Support

In the hap Solutions Head Office, Jamie stands as a testament to growth and achievement. With a tenure of two years, Jamie’s professional journey has been marked by notable successes and a steady climb up the ranks within the Staff Support Department. We hope you enjoy this blog post, all about Jamie’s development.

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How long have you worked at hap?

I have worked in the head office for two years. When I first heard about hap, it was clear it was a company with great opportunities and a supportive environment. Over the years at hap this has remained true. During my time here, I have learned a lot and had lots of great opportunities.

What has your career progression looked like at hap?

My professional journey with hap has been a gradual progression through the Staff Support Department. I started as a Staff Support Agent at the height of festival season, learning and adapting to the challenges of the role, honing my customer service skills and building relationships with our staff members. With time and experience, I moved up to the position of Supervisor, where I improved my leadership skills while supporting my team. Now, as the Head of the Department, I continue to build on my leadership skills and work tirelessly to implement new and revise existing procedures. All with the aim of creating an efficient team and a positive work environment. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities provided by hap, each role has served as a stepping stone in my growth.

Tell us about your highlights.

There have been so many highlights over the last two years. The main highlight is working with such a fantastic team! I have also been a part of two very successful festival seasons. Last year, I had the opportunity to be part of the Operations Team at Leeds Festival. This was a great experience.

Each year hap Solutions partners with a charity. We have done various fundraising events, including the Yorkshire Three Peaks and Tough Mudder. This was one of my highlights, as it was good to fundraise for amazing charities.

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