How The Flexible Workforce Is Changing Recruitment For Good

Recruitment as we know it is dead. Hiring whole departments is proving riskier by the day, and businesses are looking for a more secure alternative. That alternative is a flexible workforce.

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A flexible workforce is where you can hire temporary teams to complete projects and boost growth. It’s a staffing solution that allows companies to overcome challenges without needing to commit to a permanent member of the team. But, unlike a contractor, these teams are handled entirely by a service provider – like ourselves.

To demonstrate how a flexible workforce can support you, we’ve highlighted the benefits below.

No more onboarding

Forget spending hours bringing a new starter up to speed with your processes and procedures. With a flexible workforce, all your values and expectations are explained ahead of you working together. No more lengthy introductions or training courses, your temporary staff will be ready to work on arrival.

To manage their progress and ensure that our team is working in harmony with your in-house staff, we even provide an account manager. This way, your whole workforce will be working in sync throughout the project. What’s more, payroll and contracts will be handled on our side, allowing you to focus on development and service delivery.

Draw from a talent pool

When you hire someone, you’ll never be certain how they’ll fit in with your company culture. They may even underperform, leaving you without the expertise you need and a loss in productivity. Not with a flexible workforce. This solution enables you to choose from a range of candidates and vary your team based on the talent available.

With us, for instance, you can choose individuals based on their skill set, potentially upskilling your core in-house staff as a result. And if you find that a member of your temporary team isn’t gelling with your existing employees, you can simply switch them out with no loss to productivity.

Scale on demand

Obviously, this freedom to pick and choose staff enables you to grow at will. If you have an upcoming project, event or delivery, you’re able to increase your capacity and then decrease it once the work has been completed. There’s no long-term commitment.

In the event of any future projects, you’re able to work with the same individuals too. This is especially useful for seasonal businesses, as it saves time in the hiring process and gives you a more dependable set of employees than you might otherwise bring on board.

How hap can help you

We’re experts in staffing solutions. From supplying stadiums to filling sales floors, we’re committed to delivering a workforce that works for you.

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