From Staffing Assistant to Head of People Operations – Lydia Tattersall

Over the past two years, Lydia has progressed through multiple staffing roles and now sits as our Head of People Operations. We took the time to ask Lydia about her hap journey and her road to success. We hope you enjoy reading all about her hap story! 

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How long have you worked for hap?

I have worked in the hap office for just over 2 years. I have worked in multiple roles. I started as a Staffing Assistant then Staffing Manager. I then became Head of Hotels and Chefs. It was great to work on expanding our offerings for our clients, and I am really proud of the work I did in this role. Fast forward to summer 2023, I became Deputy Head of People Operations, and then in September 2023, I got promoted to Head of People Operations.

I am really proud of my career progression and I am excited to see what the next few years bring at hap.

Can you tell us about your current role?

My current role is to oversee the staffing and operations for our fixed venues. This includes our stadiums, arenas, racecourses, hotels and restaurants. I manage a team of regional split staffing managers and assistants who are responsible for a variety of venues.  My team comprises of staffing assistants and managers. They individually staff all of our venues. Each member of the team is extremely talented. In my current role, I am trusted to oversee the staffing and operations for our diverse fixed venues, encompassing stadiums, arenas, racecourses, hotels, and restaurants. Leading a team of regional split staffing managers and assistants, we collectively manage a spectrum of venues. Each member excels in their role, diligently ensuring the seamless staffing of all our venues.

Tell us about your highlights.

I have had so many amazing experiences across the two years I have narrowed it down to four that stand out.  Firstly, completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise money for Beechwood Cancer Care. This was a fantastic day, and it was great to raise so much money for an amazing cause. Another highlight has been going onsite and managing onsite operations at high-profile events such as BST, Silverworks, and BBC Radio 2 Leicester.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Festival Awards. This was a  chance to celebrate and acknowledge the collective successes of the industry.

Finally attended Scotland vs Fiji at  Murrayfield Stadium. I facilitated the smooth sign-in process for stewards and hospitality staff at the game, and then this was followed by the opportunity to enjoy the game.


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