From Paper to Practice: How Our Values Shape Our Everyday Actions

At hap Solutions Group our values – We Care, We Prepare, and We’re Open – are the foundation of everything we do. In this blog, we will explore how these values have shaped our approach to business and the impact they have had on our success.

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Our values in relation to our clients: 

WeCare – We truly care about our clients – we understand their operation and the value of great customer experiences! We Prepare –We learn everything about our clients, then select & brief our workforce carefully so they are prepared for their shifts. We’re Open – We believe in open and honest partnerships. We’ll always be proactive with our communication.

Watch our video about how Ben Bowen, Associate Director, prioritises the hap values to keep them at the forefront of our business.


Our values in relation to our staff:

‘We care about our staff, we prioritise our staff’s well-being by assigning them to suitable assignments based on their skill set.  Additionally, we ensure our staff are fully prepared for their shifts, informing them of uniform requirements and shift details in advance. By fostering a culture of openness and honesty with our staff, we are able to establish a foundation of trust and loyalty. I believe this is why thousands of people love working with hap. It is a privilege to work with a team that embodies these values in everything they do!’ – Jamie Healer, Head of Staff Support.

In conclusion, our values of We Care, We Prepare, and We’re Open are the cornerstone of their business. These values influence how we operate with both clients and staff, resulting in successful partnerships built on trust and loyalty. By prioritising the well-being of staff and our communication with clients, we have established ourselves as a company that truly cares about our clients and employees. If you want to learn more about hap, click here to contact us! 

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