Ethical Recruitment – Is There Such A Thing?

Let’s be frank: the reputation of the recruitment industry has been rather poor over the last few decades. While every industry has a bad egg or two, it seems that this one has had more than most.

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Years of questionable recruitment practices have led workers (quite rightly) to feel a high level of uncertainty when dealing with agencies, making them wonder whether or not there’s even such a thing as ethical recruitment.

Here, we explore the difference between ethical and unethical recruitment, as well as how to identify an ethical recruiter.

What is ethical recruitment?

While traditional recruiters are often accused of placing a quick win above a solid relationship, ethical recruitment prioritises a strong connection with the candidates they represent. 

You see, ethical recruitment is the process of approaching, engaging and hiring individuals in a way that’s fair, honest and transparent. This provides equal opportunities by removing any discriminatory factors that aren’t related to the job, such as race, gender, sexuality or religious belief. 

As a candidate, you shouldn’t feel pressured to provide this personal information to a potential employer – no matter how ‘necessary’ they believe it is.

What is unethical recruitment?

Defining ethical recruitment is one thing, but understanding how to identify an ethical recruiter is quite another. This isn’t because it’s difficult to recognise the signs of unethical practices, but because a wide variety of recruitment practices can be deemed unethical. So, what does unethical recruitment look like?

Unethical recruiters view candidates as nothing more than a number and a cheque at the end of each month. They’re often misleading when it comes to the terms of employment, promise a job that doesn’t even exist, and charge unreasonable employment fees. This is why it’s so crucial that you do your research before registering with a recruitment agency. 

If you know someone who has recently looked (or is currently looking) for a job – be they a friend or former colleague – ask for their recommendations; you can’t beat an endorsement from a reputable source. Likewise, if a company fails to provide a written contract, don’t hand in your notice at your current place of work or relocate just yet. Ethical recruiters will always provide clear documentation about your terms of employment, such as working hours, pay and holidays.

Our approach to ethical recruitment

hap doesn’t just match reputable businesses with flexible members of staff. We go above and beyond to treat both our candidates and clients with the respect that they deserve. 

We’re determined to create strong partnerships – not just relationships – which is why over 198,000 candidates have chosen to register with us. Our candidates represent our business, so we’re committed to treating them fairly, and remaining open and honest with them during their time with us.

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