hap’s savvy sales personnel

With an opportunity to sell bags at a trade show in Birmingham’s NEC, Maccessori wasted no time requesting an experienced retail professional to represent them and shift their products.

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The NEC is a huge venue where it’s easy to get lost amongst the noise. As such, Maccessori wanted a savvy sales representative who could lure customers in and sell the benefits of their merchandise.

The roles

We selected a candidate who we felt best fitted the Maccessori brand. This individual wouldn’t just act as a sales assistant though, but also an extension of the Maccessori franchise. They had to be familiar with the brand’s history, their product range and also pricing.

What we provided

We supplied a brand ambassador for Maccesorise to represent them at the NEC Birmingham. While the candidate was briefed by the client before starting work, we still ensured that they were up to speed with the business so that they were equipped to handle any customer queries. This meant that visitors at the NEC would assume the candidate was directly employed by the client.

Under this assumption it was easier for our sales representative to speak to clients, explain the brand and pitch the handbags – all while acting professionally and creating more brand awareness for Maccessori.

The Results

Our candidate generated tangible leads and sales for Maccessori while boosting their presence at the Birmingham NEC.

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Dedicated Sales Staff


Boosted product sales
Generated public interest
Elevated brand image
Added value to brand