Regional Technical Sales Manager – a personalised approach

Stanley Security Solutions wanted a candidate who was able to be both based in the head office and make regional sales. Our team consulted our available candidates for a professional who was also the perfect culture fit.

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In need of a regional sales expert, Stanley Security Solutions requested our expertise. We worked with the client to advertise the role, conduct interviews and identify the most relevant candidate.

The roles

The role itself required local knowledge. While Stanley Security Solutions have in-store personnel, this member of staff would need to act as more of a sales representative than a cashier. Therefore, their sales experience had to be extensive and they needed to be able to adapt to Stanley Security Solutions’ business model.

What we provided

Working closely with the client we helped them to advertise the role in a way that would appeal to their target audience. From there, we collated the applications and helped to conduct face-to-face interviews. At this stage, we expected applicants to have a knowledge of the client’s product range, as well as an understanding of their brand. 

Due to the extensive nature of our network, we were able to contact those already on our system as opposed to advertising solely on job boards. This allowed for greater return and presented the client with a much broader collection of candidates.

The Results

We placed a full-time sales representative with Stanley Security Solutions, helping them to boost profits in regional areas.

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Boosted sales presence
A broader collection of candidates
Agile approach to recruitment
Less time spent onboarding