hap supply over 500 bar staff – on an island!

Looking to outdo previous years, bar operators for the Isle of Wight Festival needed dependable, agile teams that would enhance the experience. hap made it possible by deploying over 500 staff across more than 20 work locations.

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Festivals can’t rely on the acts themselves. They need unique bars, unreal atmosphere and employees committed to the safety and wellbeing of attendees. For this reason, Isle of Wight bar operators knew they needed a staffing solution that could be tailored to them.

The roles

Festivals have all kinds of bar stalls and food shacks littering the arena and camping spaces. It’s not just what they offer but how and who is offering it. With this in mind, we sourced expert bar staff, supervisors, managers and a staffing operations team. The latter acting as a point of contact for the internal team at the festival.

What we provided

Aside from the sheer numbers of bar and management staff, hap also provided logistics support. With such a small population, we needed to leverage the fact that our candidates are willing to travel for the opportunities we offer. To pull this off, we needed to provide facilities for them to not only travel from, but also reside in for the duration of the festival.

After confirming numbers and mapping out how they would travel to the island, we formed an overview of the event itself. An overview that allowed us to effectively allocate resources across the festival and ensure that all client objectives were met.

The Results

By supplying over 500 members of staff, the Isle of Wight Festival continued to wow audiences and bring guests back for subsequent years.

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Bar Staff


Improved brand image
A seamless festival experience
Unified over 500 members of staff
A range of bar services