hap provides support for Premier League football team

Mid-season, Southampton FC needed retail and hospitality support. We answered their call by supplying between 25 and 75 candidates for home games and music concerts. This support has since been renewed for every subsequent season.

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St Mary’s Stadium is home to Premier League club Southampton FC. It holds 32,505 fans and hosts a variety of concerts and events outside of home games. With our help, they increased the scale of their hospitality workforce and their on-site retail presence, generating more revenue for the club.

The roles

The bulk of our support involved the supply of bar staff and supervisors. These teams were expected to cater to swathes of fans and adapt to whatever occasion they were catering for. In the case of home games, the biggest challenge was handling demand and upholding Southampton’s values at all times.

What we provided

With the venue being a football ground, it’s no surprise the demand for drinks is significantly high. As such, we paired Southampton with candidates that had either an interest in the club or were experienced enough to handle the flow of customers. All logistics concerning the team were overseen by the supervisors, and a hap representative was placed on-site to support the sign-in process.

As our relationship with the club grew, we were able to source local talent who were familiar with the grounds, could regularly exceed expectations, and enjoyed the venue’s atmosphere. This allowed us to harmonise our operations and offer more bespoke support to the client while simultaneously offering unique opportunities to the team.

The Results

Our ad hoc support for Southampton FC grew into a more permanent relationship. We now help them to deliver a better events experience every season.

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Experienced local staff


Seamless customer experience
Dynamic bar staff
Dependable retail staff
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