hap Promotions work with Bose

Hoping to show the world the quality of their QC20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bose sought the support of hap to demonstrate the product at Waterloo and Kings Cross train stations.

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Bose wanted to appeal to everyday listeners. They had a campaign in mind but needed promotional staff to speak to commuters and garner attention. Not to mention, demonstrate the sound difference in Bose devices compared to standard headphones.

The roles

hap supplied 10 members of promotional staff to interact with consumers and educate them on the new Bose QC20, as well as any other products that were on display. Each member of the team also encouraged consumers to share their experiences on social media to further raise awareness of the product launch.

What we provided

To understand the product range inside out, all hap candidates had to attend a training day with Bose personnel. This meant they were able to deliver the brand message, could engage with consumers, discuss the features of all Bose products and answer complex questions in regard to the QC20 range.

As well as this product training, all candidates were provided with a meticulous timetable that allowed them to interact with the general public on the above stations. A specific dress code also meant our teams synchronized with other Bose personnel.

The Results

The QC20 Bose product was widely seen on two of the UK’s busiest platforms and all teams worked in complete harmony.

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5* Promotions Staff


Learnt and retained complex product knowledge
Blended with resident team
Delivered on client goals
Boosted product awareness