hap contact centre agents – deployed on demand

In need of additional support for a research project, Criteria instructed us to deploy regular candidates to their offices to conduct outbound calls. With our help, they were able to fill any gaps.

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Based in London, Criteria calls thousands of people in the UK to conduct reports, studies and market research. Due to the demand of their work, they often need additional staff. We provide ad hoc support by offering candidates best suited to their culture.

The roles

We select call agents who have experience on the phone and who are flexible enough to blend in with Criteria’s resident team. These agents are required to read from a questionnaire provided by the client and will also need to be experienced in handling caller queries and objections.

What we provided

Effectively, our agents had to be in sync with the Criteria team. For this reason, we send the same group of candidates whenever similar projects arise. Why? Because these individuals have not only proven themselves as capable in a call centre but also at fitting in with the Criteria team and workplace culture. At no point have customers or other stakeholders ever recognised the line where Criteria stops and our support starts.

These outbound telephone agents will work through a dataset and gradually start to reveal their findings to Criteria and their clients. Once the project is completed, Criteria can begin to scale down the operation and our members of staff return to the roster awaiting the next opportunity.

The Results

Criteria rely on us to fill gaps within their workforce and we are always there to provide ad hoc support.

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Core team


High-intensity and flexible workers
Blended with resident team
Delivered on client goals
Improved brand image